Johnny Ilca

    English Coach


    Premium English coaching to unlock your business communication potential!

  • Achieve Conversational Fluency < 3 Months

    You will be able to have a one to one conversation at a normal speaking pace with a native speaker, understanding 90% of what they hear and being easily understood by the person they are talking with.

    Receive instant feedback​

    One hour meetings with a native speaker where you’ll get encouragement and gentle corrections when you make mistakes.

    Build confidence

    Your English doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. I will help you observe and move past your mistakes for a fluent discussion.

    Get practical experience

    Through constant practice, you will gradually get confidence in your speaking and slowly but surely get better!

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    About Me

    • Born and raised in the United States
    • Has been coaching business English since 2018
    • A degree in Supply Chain Management and another in Computer Information Systems with a Minor in Entrepreneurship
    • Startuper, tech enthusiast, content creator, and entrepreneur.
    • Digital nomad who likes to travel and experience new cultures
  • Become the confident, professional English communicator you've always wanted to be 

  • I proudly use LessonSpeak curriculum

    Every lesson is created with care to cover a wide range of topics that might pop up in a casual or business conversation.

    Before I start working with a new client, I always give them a sample lesson to help them get the feel of how I teach. Sign up below!

  • "Spoken English is like having a driver’s license in business.

    It is absolutely essential nowadays"

    Andrey, Founder Stockholm Studios